Who We Are


The internet is a vast and amazing place that is filled with an extensive array of many different things and various stuff that are very insightful and interesting. With the development and the advancement of technology, and especially the internet, we have decided to utilize this opportunity and maximize its potential to benefit us as well as to benefit the world and the people around us. With those reasons in mind, that is why we have decided to make this website.

We have always dreamed of making a website to share our knowledge and insights. However, we just never had the time or the push to do so. But with the help of all of the other team members, we have worked hard and turned our dream of making a website into reality. That is the background story of this website that we have named YE Highlights.

YE stands for Yugoslav Embassy. Those are the words in our URL. This website was made so that we can share insights, knowledge, information, tips, tricks, inspiration, and so on for all the people on the world wide web to read. We hope that we can reach a wide number of audience so that we can make an impact and maximize the potential of the internet.